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IT Project Rollout

Our Features includes

  • Availability/Resiliency Requirements and Strategies
  • Business Requirements
  • Business Impact Analyses
  • Migration Approach (Forklift, Swing, Virtual, Hybrid)
  • Preliminary Migration Groups & Waves
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies (Testing, Rollback)
  • Conceptual Migration Schedule

Skilled IT Staff & Augmentation Service

We can augment your workforce with skilled and experienced IT engineers on emergency, Adhoc, or project-based services.

Sourcing and assembling human resource are a significant challenge for any business.  At A3 Technologies, we are well accustomed to these types of scenarios of many of our Clients, and we will work with you to meet all your Skilled Staff requirements during peak demands or project delivery schedules.

IT Project Rollout Service

Just Enhance your IT upgrades or new projects of logistics and installation services worldwide with A3 Technologies.